The best suburban design is determined by the amenities available and services that create a quality environment that is accessible, safe and sustainable. The best suburb ever designed is New Albany, Ohio. New Albany is a suburb city located in the U.S. state of Ohio. Most of the city is located in the Franklin County, and a small portion extends into Licking County. The population according to the 2010 census was 7,724. It was founded in the year 1837. It is now a growing Suburb in the United States.

Developing a Suburban Area

Housing and safety:

It is a very wealthy community. The average home value in New Albany is $485,200, with a house ownership of 94%. New Albany Country Club and New Albany Links are the city’s most-desired neighborhoods, according to Trulia. According to Zillow, New Albany has the largest real estate network on the web.


The residential area of New Albany has over 600 acres of public parks. The residents have access to baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields, basketball between the Parks of Bevelhymer, Thompson Road, Wexner Community. It also organizes the nation’s longest walk-only race.

Suburban development:

A new project announced by the name of Hamilton Quarter which will be a new large scale development, outside New Albany. The project will take over 320 acres of farmland and woodland with surface parking lots, 700,000 square ft. of office space, over 800 multi-family residence and 130 senior living residences. The project is a collaboration between the New Albany company, the Daimler Group, and the CASTO.

The site map of Hamilton Quarter shows a complete separation of uses between single elements in the project. The residents of Hamilton Quater will be provided with navigating two on and off ramps to reach the destined amenity approximately half a mile away. There will be three retail strip malls, each containing hundreds of parking spaces in separated lots. Also separated from the office space with their own parking lots, workers, shoppers and residents drive to every destination within Hamilton quarter. The first phase of development is planned to be completed in 2017.